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About Me

I have a profound educational and professional background in Marketing. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Marketing) from City University of Hong Kong and a Master’s in Digital Marketing Strategy from Trinity College Dublin, I am passionate about elevating customer experience and branding through UX/UI, digital marketing strategy, and marketing communication. 

I gathered my all-rounded marketing experience at Pearson and Sing Tao News Group/Ohpama, and have been spending quite some time as a freelance marketing consultant. Before taking a career break to further my study, I was a senior marketing executive managing website, app, and TV platforms’ experience at HKT/NowTV, a leading media and telecommunication service provider in Hong Kong. 

Outside work, I love anything culturally related – especially photography, art, music, and travel. I have lived abroad in Zurich and Dublin, and have traveled to 30+ countries.




This was a project collaboration between Trinity Business School and Solus Ireland. Solus is a leading provider of lighting solutions in the country. Working with a team of five, this project aimed to enhance Solus' online presence and expand the brand's reach, especially towards its future customers, through a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including SEM, SEO, and social media tactics.

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