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Dr Easy Animation Series

Pearson Education Asia Limited





Hong Kong


#Copywriting #CreativeManagement


This was an animation series production for Primary General Studies for the Hong Kong market in 2020. The light-hearted trivia knowledge series served as the complementary resource to the same-titled textbook, providing invaluable support to teachers and facilitating self-directed learning for pupils, particularly amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. Each episode combined entertainment and education. They were all thoughtfully crafted to engage the learners while delivering educational content that seamlessly integrated with the curriculum.

In the project, I held the responsibility of leading and overseeing various aspects. Firstly, I conducted thorough research and developed the overarching themes for each episode. Additionally, I was responsible for crafting the scripts and visual briefs to guide the production process. To ensure the accuracy of the educational content, I collaborated closely with the subject editor-in-chief, seeking their validation and incorporating any necessary amendments.

In terms of the visual elements and animation, I successfully managed a team of two talented freelance designers. From providing detailed briefings to maintaining regular communication and coordination, I oversaw the entire creative process. This included post-editing work and quality assurance to ensure that the final outcomes met Pearson's high standards.


This project showcased my expertise in research, writing, collaboration, and project management.

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