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Solus Consultancy Project






Dublin, Ireland


#MarketingAuditAndStrategy #SEO #SEM #SocialMediaMarketing


This project was a partial fulfilment of the three courses Digital Marketing Implementation, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Analytics for MSc Digital Marketing Strategy, Trinity College Dublin.

In partnership with Solus, the leading light bulb manufacturer, and retailer in Ireland, we provided a succinct digital marketing report as a team of five, serving as professional consultants. This report shed light on Solus’ current digital standing through the website and social media audits and benchmarking exercises. To address the identified weaknesses in online exposure, and a need to stay relevant in the new generation, the report also detailed a comprehensive digital campaign tailored to Solus' target audience of Gen Z. It encompassed strategies for SEO, Google Ads, social media, and e-commerce partnership to reinforce Solus’ brand name and image by highlighting its commitment to sustainability, a shared value between the company and the new generation. Given a budget of 500 EUR, part of the initiatives had been executed during the project period to demonstrate the practicality of the digital plan.



This project was a resounding success both in terms of its practicality and academic quality. Our efforts were highly commended by the client, and we earned distinctions in two modules for our group work.

Specifically, in order to raise brand awareness for Solus among the Irish general and young target audience, we strategically allocated the budget to paid advertising on Google (search and display) as well as Instagram. From keyword research, ad creation and implementation to monitoring, we effectively helped to Solus achieve a click-through rate that surpassed industry standards, bringing in more website visitors within 2-week time. Capitalizing on the occasion of Earth Day 2023, we also devised a series of display and social ads that further strengthened Solus' image as a sustainable lighting expert in the market.

In addition to our advertising efforts, we focused on optimizing Solus' website from a technical, on-page, and off-page SEO perspective. Through a meticulous analysis, we identified and proposed practical fixes, supported by examples and mockups. These SEO fixes included, updates on title tags and meta descriptions, UX/UI design, content restructuring and enrichment.

To empower the client with data-driven marketing strategies and ensure long-term relevance in the digital landscape, we also helped the client integrate a set of digital tools into their website, such as Google Ads, Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Search Console, and Meta Pixels.

All in all, we successfully propelled Solus towards their marketing goals and established a strong foundation for their future digital endeavors.

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